Why I teach

I teach for one reason.

No one likes to feel stupid.

– Shawn Gramiak, Naturally Brilliant Person

And the fact is, just because you don’t know what every button on your phone does, or you don’t like using an ATM or self-checkout, or you don’t know what Styles in Microsoft Word are DOES NOT make you stupid. Although there are those who might lord their technical skills over you, it’s a false sense of superiority. We’ve all met idiots with University Degrees, and brilliant people who didn’t even finish high school. So don’t worry about the opinions of others.

However, the fact remains, you can’t go wrong learning something new. And it never hurts to strive for self-sufficiency. So if you don’t want to be dependent on others to solve your technical problems, or feel out of place because you don’t know how stuff works, I can get you on the road to getting more comfortable with the digital age.

I’m a good teacher because my Father was not. He came from the old school where if you didn’t “get it” the first time, he’d repeat the steps LOUDER and ANGRIER. That never worked. That’s why I prefer to be calm, patient and goofy. All you have to do is understand that learning is a 50/50 deal. You are responsible for your success. So I bring my skills to the table, but they won’t work unless you bring your curiosity, patience and willingness to learn to that same table.

So if you contact me for training, just be willing to learn, and I think you will enjoy the learning process to follow. To book me for an online tutorial, click here to jump to the page that outlines how the process will work.