Comedy Testimonials

Alberta Probation Officers Conference

Just wanted to thank you again for your keynote comedy at the conference.  It was exactly what I was looking for and I am very pleased and hope you are too. You broke me up!  I hope you will be able to help me out again for a conference I am planning for Admin Support staff next March.

The Town of Smoky Lake


Thanks for doing a great show.  Your show content hit just about every element of our community. Even the Father was splitting a gut.  The only people that weren’t laughing were the old guys would turned down their hearing aid and forgot turn it back on.  I think the material was presented very well, with a bit of local Ukrainian-lingo, and you incorporated the local content and the “singing Mayor” perfectly.  I would recommend your brand of humour to any small community, group or business looking to have a good time and some hardy belly laughs. We have been getting compliments all day about what a good event it was, especially the entertainment.  Some businesses said they hope we are going to do it again next year.

Merry Christmas,

Dean Pickering
Chief Administrative Officer
(Town Manager)
Town of Smoky Lake

Youth Emergency Shelter Society – Homeless for a Night

Hi Shawn,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you again for your performance at Homeless for a Night. Your act truly warms the crowd up for the night!  (and gives me a much needed laugh too!)

Did you know, our latest total raised for Homeless for a Night is over $132,000…and still counting as late donations trickle in!  (I wanted to send this much earlier, but I wanted to have a better idea of where our new total was headed…)

I look forward to working with you again soon!

Shelley Breen
Event Coordinator, Homeless for a Night
presented by Canadian Western Bank

Comedy Kudo from Casey Churko

I love your material. The sets of comedians I find funniest are what the comedian wants to sell, not what the audience wants to buy. Deliver what you believe in, that’s all you gotta do, and if they don’t buy it, fuck ’em, The next night’s crowd will, and they’ll buy it for twice as much. Don’t ever bend your material to what you think ‘this night’s crowd wants to hear’. They’ll buy what you love. PS, if you download the latest Stanhope on iTunes, I was there for the taping in Bisby, and my nephew beside me was the dude that said “Canadian”.

Shawn Gramiak

March 19, 2011 · 

TRUE STORY POSTED WITH PERMISSION. Just completed a not-for-profit corporate. Had a lady in a wheelchair approach me, both legs missing mid-thigh. She said, “It’s really tough to transfer yourself from your wheelchair to the toilet to pee because you are laughing so hard! You can use that.” It will eventually be the motto on my comedy website.
(I guess I made good on that promise – SG)

S. Legerme

Oh snap i actually grew some balls, I’m impressed. Yup all sobered up and everything highly drunk me said is 100% valid and true. I’m just sometimes too shy to say it right off the bat! When I first saw you perform with another friend I laughed so hard and told my friend “Oh my God they say he’s local, I’m sooo happy I can see him do stand up again”…. True Story 😂 and than wazzam still just as funny last night! If this wasn’t your best I can’t wait to see you when you’re feeling extra confident on your performance… if your not best can make me laugh till there’s tears I’m super pumped to see more! ✊👍