I’m just locking my Insta and Twitter into this page for now. You can friend me on FB if you wish (the link is at the bottom of the page), but my Business Page on FB and my LinkedIn still need more work. Insta is where I am going to do the majority of my promo, and where you will often find my freshest content! And yes, be prepared for a lot of movie related stuff!




The link is if you wish to add me as a friend, and it is my personal account with all my friends of different divergent interests and opinions. If you are intellectual, open minded, and have a sense of humor you should have no problem with the content. However, if you simply want to talk business, drop me a line via my Contact Page, and I will alert you when my FB Business Page and my LinkedIn Page are up and running at full speed.

And you can also add me on Instagram. Just add shawngramiak. Or if you are on Twitter, follow me @stfugramiak.