What I teach

Since I work with technology every day, I can teach a fair number of skills. With one to one tutorials, I often find myself going into subject matter that I might not have any experience with. But that’s part of the fun, and that’s why I prefer to assess the needs of a client before jumping into the training.

As for actual subject matter:

  • I teach beginner and intermediate levels of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • I teach the basics of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides
  • I am familiar with Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and Facetime, and can show folks how to use those video conferencing services
  • I teach Outlook and Gmail email and contact management
  • I show people the basics of file management, data backup and storage
  • I teach folks how to use their iPhones and iPads, and can work my way around an Android phone or tablet, but don’t have as much experience as I do with Apple mobile devices
  • Not only can I show people how to back up or transfer their data, I can also do it for them. I can also show them how the “clean up” their devices so they don’t have to pay for online storage (and just for the overall performance of the computer or device)
  • I’ve also taught people how to pay their bills online and do Interac cash transfers
  • I’ve even taught people how to use an online photo book maker and how to use Microsoft Word to make cookbooks!
  • I will soon be adding to my skill set by researching social media platforms for a course that may be presented in 2021. I am already familiar with Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, however, I know there is a lot more I can learn.

Now, the list above may not seem that huge to some, but remember that there are a whole bunch of associated skills that surround anything you may wish to learn. And for those of you tossed into the deep end of the technology pool by this pandemic, I can take you right from the beginning steps of getting comfortable with this digital world, and get you the skills required to make your way through it successfully.

I have also went to client’s houses to help set up their computers and printers. And although I do not repair computers, I have done data backups and virus removal, and have helped people transfer their data from old computers to newer ones. If you need me to do something, just ask. I’ll let you know if I have the experience to do it or not.