Welcome to 2021!

In keeping with the of the PAST year, I didn’t manage to get my site launched way back when in October, but recent events means I’ve had to hit the ground running. The pandemic may have slowed down the rest of the world, but for me, business continues as unusual (not a misprint, my work life has always been unusual).

Anyway, January has me teaching online classes for The School of Continuing Education International at MacEwan University, as well as a host of classes for their Business Outreach Division. I am currently working with Metro to deploy more Online training, and have a few senior students who are engaging in the world of online tutorials. If all works out the way I hope, the “new normal” should be pretty good.

So please take a moment to poke around my site. Let me know if there are any glitches or mistakes, and most importantly, if I can do some work for you, let me know that too!

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay!